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Why Zenith

Outsource Your Components to a Trusted Partner

If you’re a small or mid-size manufacturer, outsourcing for larger production runs can deliver better product on a faster schedule, while saving you money. You won’t pay for extra training and equipment, you won’t have to handle the extra waste, and you won’t have to worry about ending up with idle machines and workers.

Zenith Fuel System exterior in Bristol, VA

For both high volume and custom precision machining, choose Zenith.


Since 1911, Zenith Fuel Systems LLC  remains the OEM choice for precision machined automotive parts. We bring this history of proven expertise and reliability to our work at Zenith Precision Machining, which expands our production machining beyond automotive to a wide array of markets.

Our 100-year reputation in precision machining ensures your business—and its reputation—will outlast the competition for decades to come.


We do milling, threading, drilling, deburring, testing, assembly—you name it. Our state-of-the-art facility has broad spectrum capabilities, and our skilled team makes the most of them.

Our workforce scales to provide both small- and large-scale contract work, and our clients place orders on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Strategically Located

Just off I-81 in Bristol, Virginia, our facility is walking distance from Tennessee and within 100 miles of North Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia. ­­Our production reaches 75% of the country’s population within a day’s truck drive.

When you work with us, you don’t have to stress about supply chain snags in far-flung places. You can rest easy and proudly say your products are Made in America.


From responsiveness to production to shipping, Zenith moves fast. We are always innovating to deliver a quicker turnaround time and better processes. We’re built for speed, and we build to last.

Stellar Customer Service

At Zenith, we deliver more than inventory. Your dedicated account manager ensures our responsiveness matches our production and delivery for speed. Our personal touch is another reason our clients keep choosing Zenith, month after month.

Next-level Quality Assurance

Nothing matters more than quality. We provide dimensional layouts, first-article inspection, and top-tier quality-assurance.